Nestor has been lucky enough to have recorded in studios all around the world, working with producers such as Andy Ramsay (Stereolab), Paul Tipler, Alex Newport, ross orton and John Goodmanson.

He has developed a confident and distinct sense of rhythm, arrangement and dynamic but is equally comfortable working to a click-track.

- discography -

The Golden Spike (LP) - Sky Larkin (Wichita Recordings) 

Kaleide (LP) - Sky Larkin (Wichita Recordings) 

Motto (LP) - Sky Larkin (Wichita Recordings) 

Christiania (LP) - Napoleon IIIrd (Brainlove Records)

Lowtalker (EP) - Menace Beach (Memphis Industries)

Dream Out (EP) - Menace Beach (Desire Records)

Drop Outs/Tastes Like Medicine (Double A-Side 7") - Menace Beach (Too Pure Singles Club)

TV Broke My Brain (EP) - Man Made (Pending Release)

Ratworld (lp) - Menace Beach (memphis industries)

lemon memory (lp) - Menace beach (memphis industries)

the great lake (LP) - Napoleon IIIrd (HATCH RECORDS)

zodiac (7" split) - Magic Mountain (Come play with me)