I have been lucky enough to enjoy working and learning in a wide variety of professional and educational environments with people from all over the world. Performing with, running and tour managing bands and artists on an international level for over 10 years has taught me some invaluable and unique lessons in preparation, communication and accountability that I have carried with me throughout my professional career.

I am particularly proud of my time as a mature student at the University of Liverpool. Not only did I relish the opportunity to dedicate myself to learning, balancing my studies with my commitments and responsibilities outside of campus pushed me to realise my potential. Over three years based in Liverpool I recorded, released and internationally toured two albums with two different bands whilst also earning a 1st class degree and writing an award-winning dissertation in an emergent field that continues to fascinate me.

Since leaving university I have enjoyed working in studios and classrooms and on playgrounds and stages, always grateful for the opportunity to engage with and learn from my peers and students in order to provide the best service that I can. From the process and precision of the screen printing press to the daily challenges and rewards of teaching, I feel my experience in such a wide array of workplaces, my independent creative endeavours and the impact of my time studying have given me a unique skill set that I am excited to apply and further in new settings and roles.


University of Liverpool, 2011-2014

BA (Hons) 1st Class in English Language & Literature.

2014 Blackwell Dissertation Prize for ‘“Codifying the howl”: An Investigation into Latin American Postmodern Literary Identity through Roberto Bolaño’s novel, The Savage Detectives.’

Leeds College of Art and Design, 2007-2008

Foundation Diploma in Graphic Design/Fine Art.

Notre Dame Sixth Form College, 2005-2007

A-Level - A’s in Fine Art, English Literature and History.

Abbey Grange C of E High School, 1999-2005

GCSE - 1 A*, 5 A’s.


Freelance copywriter, August 2016 - Present

I have most recently had the opportunity to apply my qualifications in English and computer literacy in a creative and engaging manner, generating copy and content for a diverse range of clients, products and events, from car parts to arts festivals. Working independently to specific briefs, formats and deadlines can often be a demanding experience, but working closely with my clients and delivering content that I am proud of is a more than gratifying result.

GLA and Literacy Support, Greenmount Primary School, February 2015 - July 2016

As a fully CRB/DBS checked and first aid trained Graduate Learning Assistant at Greenmount I was responsible for supporting my teacher throughout the day, whatever that entailed. My day to day responsibilities included, but were certainly not limited to, modelling ideas for the class, preparing and planning activities, monitoring and updating progress records, assembling and maintaining displays, dealing with first aid matters, playground duty and the ceaseless task of keeping the classroom tidy and inviting. However, because of my qualifications in English, I was also asked to work with the literacy team in order to raise spelling, punctuation and grammar standards in Key Stage 2. Having helped to introduce intuitive software that records and tracks pupil’s progress I began working directly with children throughout the school with specific literacy needs, developing and incorporating bespoke programmes aimed at helping them to become more confident in their reading and writing. I relished the responsibility and unpredictability of working in a school as it pushed me to consistently provide the best possible learning environment for the children and made their progress all the more rewarding.

Screen Print Team, Awesome Merchandise, July 2014 - January 2015

Familiar with the processes of screen printing, having studied printmaking as part of my Foundation diploma at Leeds College of Art, I was responsible for safely preparing, printing and packaging orders that ranged from ten tote bags to 2,000 t-shirts. Clear and concise communication was an essential factor of working at Awesome, be it between the different stages of production or between the workshop floor and the admin team. Orders would often be amended or reprioritised, meaning that time management and forward planning were of the utmost importance, along with attention to detail and an unwavering eye for quality control.

Tutor, Mentor and Manager, The Leeds Music Hub, 2014 - PresenT

Initially volunteering as a tutor at Leeds Music Hub not long after it was established, my responsibilities have grown with the expansion of the venture. On top of widening teaching and mentoring commitments I have taken on a more managerial role that includes opening and closing the business, manning the reception desk, managing lesson timetables, taking payments and preparing food and drinks in the cafe. Whether teaching the drums or behind the desk, working at The Hub enables me to engage with people of all ages and abilities and to hopefully convey my enthusiasm for community and communication through music.

Assistant, Oblong Furniture, 2007 - Present

Working for Oblong I have performed a wide variety of tasks at relatively short notice, from large-scale assembly to national logistics, requiring a responsible attitude to time management as well as a healthy dose of initiative. Working so closely with my employers has instilled in me a pride for completing the tasks given to me to the best of my ability as well as a respect for my employers for their trust in me as part of the team.

Performing Artist, Treasurer, Tour Manager, Driver (Sky Larkin, Napoleon IIIrd, Menace Beach, Magick Mountain) 2005 - Present

From working out the cost of soundproofing a garage in order to practise to signing recording contracts, releasing critically acclaimed albums and touring extensively across Europe and North America, I have always respected every aspect of working within the music industries. I take pride in keeping accurate expenditure accounts and responsibly managing large amounts of cash, often in multiple currencies, whilst of course making sure my bandmates, colleagues and clients are content. However, even with months of forward planning, touring can quickly veer off into unknown territory. Be it finding the optimum route around Scandinavian snowstorms or jumpstarting a broken down engine in Nevada’s Death Valley, my experience in the music industries has instilled in me a dedication that I proudly apply to everything I do.

Barman, Arc Bar, 2007

My time at Arc was an invaluable introduction to working as part of a team and the responsibility of handling cash and operating tills. The staff at Arc pride themselves on their customer interaction and the welcoming yet professional atmosphere this generates. Working as part of this team, along with the inimitable experience of meeting and serving hundreds of people every night, is no doubt partly responsible for the enthusiasm and initiative I put into my work, whatever it may be.